What has become of this?

I feel it should be made public that this is unlikely to be the nanowrimo for 2011, but may well prove to resurrect itself and form something for 2012, or something in between - something like extremely local novella writing year project? What would that make it... ExLoNoWriPro.... has about as much cachet as NaNoWriMo I think! My wonderful partner, Aero, explained that they did not want me to feed my mania and stay up all hours and take to coffee and typing in my sleep etc etc in order to hit some artificial target. Rather the thinking was why not enjoy the process and free oneself from the tyranny of time and deadlines. This is not quite what professional writers are used to (the struggling ones anyway) but then again, I am NOT a professional writer nor do I aspire to be! Aero also played something of a master stroke of extreme generosity to finalise the matter... She BOUGHT ME A NEW BICYCLE! Well OK I had to chop in and it was replacing an old one... but the old one was like almost TWENTY EIGHT years old and technology has moved along considerably since then.... my touring Ridgeback Voyage rides like a dream and I am too busy using what free time I can find to ride to even think more about the novella I had in mind. But the notes remain - they have captured certain ideas and those will hold and can be returned to on cold dark icy nights when riding is out of the question.... I shall assemble before I dissemble on the website - and a novella may still yet appear here in some form or other - until then this is a work in progress. I hope that clears things up? Do look at my blogging on Eclectic/me - I am sure to have waxed lyrical about the new bike on the block - "Voyager" is his name....
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