It'll be alright on the night!

Warning, novella spoiler alert, planning plot for November first kick off... nah only kidding, these were all the ones that got away, think of them as "out takes" Start with the title , maybe a plan, what about Here it comes! as per title of the thread post? That could imply a sense of journey or arrival or birth or orgasm... Exciting but boyish is the impression I get and I do not plan on aiming for blokey man lit like High Fidelity or anything - don;t get me wrong not saying Nick Hornby ain't OK just not my cup of tea to take on that persona in a Writing way - been there done that 2008. What about "The Tandemist"? Dodgy word choice Quakerism theme and what about "Discerning Derek"> Smocks of Patrick Gayle though... Maybe I wish I had read less to write more? Wish I hadn't not so... the Dulwich Archives"? a parody eon the play of the Dalkey ones? that has potential... Like to work a charity of co-op in could use some of the "characters I bump into at Comm-Tech as Little pastiches then... keep thinking but going to save this as a start
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