The one that got away

we have the plot - it is the life and times of Blurby! SPOILERS as they say in the blogosphere are below but you will find them very minor - not even the title is known yet! It is going to really hurt to write the middle section from personal experience is it going to be a tragic work and I am going to have to find my female voice to make her the first person... It is either that or "BE HER FATHER" which is no challenge but totally sick! OH the ways to play with this idea are endless! the only problem? The pain - oh the pain when she turns nasty and play the victim and spouse to her cunning and damaged father..... the title (working) "Canadian Cheddar" this is a little tougher "Canuck and daughter" "Eleanor and Bramwell go East" A Liverpool leaving To Canada with love Escaping father On the run from life The lover of horses I need to keep on at that, but not sweat it and write it to shape as tragicomedy comedic farce and drama with dysfunctional an narcissistic woman at centre suffering massive hits of damage from the men around her as she achieves therapy the hard way.....
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