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Welcome, settle down, enjoy your reading here, but do not expect great literature. This is live writing in the raw and unedited initial drafting - I may write a little chaotically at times and in extremis the spell checking might be a little off creating some weirdness too. This is Nano not a writing master-class! One word to the wise - spam bots are always creating accounts here; and I can only tell if an account is NOT spam by two means:- If I know the person If the person comments (and the comment is not spam) Should you wish to rest assured your account will not be deleted then make your voice heard with a comment (which isn't so hard and also gives you a chance to backlink to your work, if you are doing anything similar or blogging as you write. I shall likely promote those that do to "friend" status so that it is easy for me to avoid deleting the accounts. Oh, end if your account was deleted - I am sorry and I hope the explanation goes some way to explaining why it happened! But if you are a spam bot - get a life! PS just added January 2012 posts into the mix for "issues" I have to grapple with as I go along (postscripts will have to be december 2012!)
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