Previous works

If you are really really sure about this (remember I wrote it in 2008 and in a lot LESS than the thirty days and nights of your traditional nano! And frankly it shows!) then there are links to downloads of the previous nano novella from your author below:- Know Where You Go Know Where You Go Here’s the blurby bit(sic!): Meet Fred Bloggs (well someone has to have the name!) in this; the story of a sad and rather lonely pretentious member of the blogosphere living a lie (and living with his mother) and how he is saved from the nonsense by the tart with the heart from Lithuania….. The ending was going to get a rewrite if I ever had the heart to work on it again…. (rtf and odt download of the book, copyright nevertheless asserted) Heap praise or scorn at my feet via email to paula mayus wrighton @ hotmail dotco dotuk (Maybe you can’t be bothered to type that, but then again I can’t be bothered to check hotmail much more than once a month so don’t hold your breath for a reply ;) )