A few words to the wise about how to read what you may WANT to read and not drift through the entries seeking something:- * To read notes, plotlines, and basically PREAMBLE including *Spoilers* which I tried to warn of click October 2011 * To read nanowrimo (“The Eyes Have It”) as it evolves and hopefully eventually completes, click November 2012 or see download * To read about the trials, tribulations, and writing process click January 2012 * To read any post scripting (EG dedications, acknowledgements, Reading Group Notes, blurb etc. click November 2010 * I may add an archive for editing the work after November, but that rather depends on me finishing it! NOTE the link for “-all” may be useful if that is hard to remember, since it summarises the titles of posts under the various months. I may claim modesty and a desire not to be published, but Nanowrimo is different, I find any reading by others and comments on what I have written so far spurs me on; “faster faster pussy cat” is always a good one! (Only joking!!) If you want to read the planning and early entries for the book then click on the “December archive” which is, ridiculously, where I have stored them for reference, since this site is made to reveal the book in sequence; IE in reverse sequence to a blog