In progress - Enter the dragon

She had to get rid of the smell, that was how it began, or so it seemed to her. Amelia was more than a little sensitive and it was often commented on, what was not commented on so often, because it could not be seen ,was the amount of extra process that was going on whilst she was managing this sensitivity. If people had realised that when she was saying “Oh, I really do need a grapefruit scented cleaning product, this pine one will not do” her mind was filled with the image of her knees rubbed red raw as her mother scrubbed and scrubbed with scouring powder to make them shine again, then perhaps they would have seen the choosing of cleaning products for the act of bravery it often felt to Amelia. If at the moment Amelia declared she absolutely positively would not be in the same room as a piece of tripe, never mind enter a butchers which was selling it (she had on occasion contemplated turning vegetarian to avoid this one) people had realise there was a sea of crawling maggots in Amelia's mind and she had to clear them ALL up because she had upset the bucket, well then they might be a bit more forgiving. Amelia was thirty and had made a decision that she had lived with these memories for long enough. She knew the memories could never be less than a part of herself, but she had a passionate belief things could be better. At heart she was one of the people that changes the world, but only as part of a greater scheme. A tidy figure accompanied her desire for a tidier mind. So it was she found herself at Jill's door for the first time since that chilly day, in November when she and Jill had assessed one another. Looking at her watch she saw there were a couple of minutes before her actual appointment time, and found she froze, unsure if she wanted to press the button now, or hold this position and think for a little longer, in order to appear entirely punctual for her appointment. She realised this could become obsessive and pressed hard, finding the answering ring within so sudden and strident she actually jumped back from the door a tiny amount. Wow, I'm more nervous than |I thought she said to herself. Just then the door opened and Jill held it wide for Amelia to enter within. Smiling broadly Jill was resplendent in a green shimmering dress which seems to have an iridescent quality to it. Amelia could not help herself thinking this was reminiscent of a dragon, and following on the coat tails of that thought she was imagining herself as a princess, just ripe for binding to a stake for the dragon to consume at her leisure!
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