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December 01

grab these sometime, somewhere, somehow

It was so shiny Pavol almost thought is was a shimmering illusion, heaven sent and ephemeral; until he smelt the rubber and faint tang of machine shop oils,
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December 26

and so…

it began… On a surprisingly warm night in November!

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December 28

It’ll be alright on the night!

Warning, novella spoiler alert, planning plot for November first kick off… nah only kidding, these were all the ones that got away, think of them as “out takes”
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December 29

Alright on the night part deux

I think we may have a contender for therapeutic whirring of the darker side of life
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December 30

patricide = biggest spoiler ever

could be an option
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The one that got away

we have the plot – it is the life and times of Blurby!

SPOILERS as they say in the blogosphere are below but you will find them very minor – not even the title is known yet!
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Historical notes in course to plotline, let nano begin!

or possibly this is a step too far, it will most surely enable me to avoid any criticism of the “plagiarizing form real life” in literature sort of scenario

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December 31

grab bag

in a real imaginary world everything’s made betteri

n a real sarcastic world everything’s made better

in a real sarcastic world everything (verbs) better

For daughter, with devotion

For Aero, a flight of fancy

To Annie and Aero, the only woman for me!

To stokers everywhere, they’ll never know how hard their captions pull

To captains everywhere who never hear the stokers peayer

For Derek, who took us there

acknowledgements ,may also scatter the above freely

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