Historical notes in course to plotline, let nano begin!

or possibly this is a step too far, it will most surely enable me to avoid any criticism of the "plagiarizing form real life" in literature sort of scenario I could be writing about Bramwell and make that the first person - THEN transplant my life for his and find a "trick" or plot device of sorts unknown to place him in the right place and write about myself as the person I am now at the point I start to "plagiarize real life"? More to the point I do want to be sensitive to my partners request - was it in writing? Copy and pasted it here for future ref.... p. "p.s for me.... very difficult to comment really....i know what i would find more interesting by far than anything you have played around with so far.... and that is the story of you.... your childhood and growing up and your experience of your life with bipolar and your relationships and becoming a parent and so on. that story for me is so much more rich and real than anything you have mentioned so far. but you may not feel ready yet .... i don't know but i hope you will do soon. that for me would be really worth reading."0 Aero really shone like a halo landed when I said I could write about a blind woman and suchlike - but I am not sure I have the courage.... Maybe a spiderman novella? oh dear this could be so tricksome - nonesoblind where are your blog entries when I need them?
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