Alright on the night part deux

I think we may have a contender for therapeutic whirring of the darker side of life
– the situation and viewpoint is A La Spencer and the outfit is a the head shrinking cryo suspension history of…. COMM-BLECH! a charity founded on the principle that a couple of weird geeky nurdlings want toi freeze their skulls and live forever like the lord of the Daleks!

How can it fail!

And it will be the plot lone that keep on giving as I email Lisa in confidence so can the angel in the plotline hear of the dastardly plan – yet the bumbling moneyman Chancer (name?) mucks it all up – except I keep wanting to call him Rhsy… can Rhyse Chancer be a name?

Scroogle that man!

OH YES I think we have a contender….
yet there is not much scope for Gunther to get into it, nor Rory and never mind Derek….

sop I ought to think about the tandemist too….#
oh choices choices and decisions decisions!

I am just so glad it is not the first yet and that I have the site in place for the writing to commence – Shall I “cheat like last time and add all these workings to the rear of the volume as an Appendix? The answer is no, only because it is the late October days now – which means I am at least a whole 14 days ahead of my previous Nano schedule – with a little time to sign up to the site and join in the launching hysteria (this weekend sees many launch parties around London, Ana has told me, but I cannot get to any as I am privileged to have my lovely daughter with me….

and the scroogling is in – nopers it must be Rhys and no E and not Reece unless he is English…..

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