patricide = biggest spoiler ever

could be an option
but the so could fratricide and I do not really want to write about death, so that needs more methought as to how to turn the subject not to comedy but to something more, how to say, personal and acceptable as something to draw on? What about the tale of the poor sham of a marriage I had

what about Turning blind?

What about that vision we painted last night of a party with blindfolds and guests eating food suspended from the ceiling – that surely deserves a mention is whatever I write but will be hard to fit in without a blind person or a weird cult or something

  • so, the eyes have it

possible title

they are a pair of tandemists in their youth, he pilots, she stokes,

the story progresses with plenty of character development and scene setting, they need to be sporty

he needs to have the tendency towards counselling

they both need to be fucked up fairly regularly

then THE EVENT, as they ride a night ride a branch from out of no where blinds the captain!
massive relationship fail

years later she both have changed , we need a period in the wilderness and some humour to lift the darkness of his sight loss, should not be hard

the schmaltzy part needs to be made not so as they get to riding again, only now he is a parlympic hopeful aje is what? therapist, no maybe

use the imagery of the branch with Ana’s permission and credit

the even schmaltzier part – when they realise who each other is, we do NOT HAVE TO have it or do we?

OMG as I thin this through further I think hpow difficult it might be to keep the sweetness low enough to make this palatable., but then again it is juts a throw away novella and look at Fred Blogs after all for chrissakes….

BTW m,ake a post ofering and/or linking Fred Blogs just in case I have some sick fan base…

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