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It was so shiny Pavol almost thought is was a shimmering illusion, heaven sent and ephemeral; until he smelt the rubber and faint tang of machine shop oils, then he knew it was real and a thrill went through him that he could not have anticipated, des[ite waiting for this moment the past two long years. That was when he had first set his eye on the prima pinarello he now beheld. From her elegantly outspread and beautifully taped handlebars down to her extremely high pressure tyres on the elegant 24 spoke deep rim wheels, this was a bike he could move on, this would feel like the dance of the road was at a tempo he had never experienced and with a finesse far closer to the track than to the roads as he had known them. Like a dancer with a new partner he would be able to experience every curve, every flat, and most especially every rise anew with a fresh vigour. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ... the cumulo niumbus was piled above the cherry tree like a heap of frosted Chantilly cream to offset the tartness of the cherry... he was momentarily blinded by the glint of the brilliant sun, it was such a shining moment, then there was the warmth of her hand on his, the firmness of attitude he knew so well, and as the brightness diminished he knew she was closer, then he could smell her and it was all he could do not to pass out - how many years had it been? But for every year the memory had not diminished, and now that the longing was over this moment brought all those relinquishings of the hopes together and smashed them about their feet in a climax of feeling like a Greek Wedding. But, it was silent, there were no guests, all of this drama was being played out in his minds eye and he could not know where she was feeling or how to communicate all of that, and so he leant forward, thinking to bow his head, only to meet hers upturned and as if she had intuited this she tenderly clasped the back of his head, not in a way that had been contrived, but not in a way that was surprised nor surprising. As she kissed him she sighed gently, and he smelt cherries. Dialog someone has been able to read some echoes from the past - the glint of ring the fragment of memory do not get all Proustian if you can help it, and no Mils and Book, but it should be possible to make this fit into things - and you can now write from experience ;)
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