Savouring creation

and so it came to pass there was no rush. It had been long enough of the mindless urge to mount up words beyond number at a pace that was punishing.
This time would be different. this time would progress would not be a measured thing, every little morsel was to be savoured and chewed and mulled over just as much or as little as desired, without any recourse to the “word count” feature or worries of backup, after all anything created once can surely be created “better” when it is the craft of writing involved?

Pieter paused and stretched, wondering if it was a worthwhile exercise, this “National Novel Writing Month” has become obsessive to him and taken him away from the normal pursuits he so much cherished and enjoyed. Even during apparently “idle” moments he carried the laptop with him and found himself compulsively tapping out extra words during his journeys around the city, and he missed the idle contemplation of the passing scenery that had previously been available to him, it no longer seemed like wasted time, but rather like a precious luxury he was being denied.

But who was denying him? Only the tyranny of the word count and the clock, and Pieter well knew that he was master of one, and that the other was an only a tyrant if he allowed it to be, it had taken the advice of a few close friends, but now he saw for himself that so long as he could support himself without writing he owed it to himself to write at a rhythm dictated by his own life and physical needs more than those of any collective project….

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